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A YAML format parser for beer storage

Parse a recipe from a YAML file and returns an object containing ingredients and
metadata. Supports export to `beerxml <>`_ format.


.. code:: sh

pip install pybeeryaml


.. code:: python

from pybeeryaml import Recipe

path_to_beeryaml_file = "/tmp/my_recipe.yml"

# create recipe from file
recipe = Recipe.from_file(path_to_beeryaml_file)

# or from string
with open(path_to_beeryaml_file, "r") as mybeer:
recipe2 = Recipe.from_yaml(

assert recipe == recipe2 # True

# convert to beerxml format
recipexml = recipe.to_xml()


Unit tests can be run with `pytest <>`_.

.. code:: sh

py.test tests

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